Open Letter to the ARPANSA family—and friends.

Dear Mr and Mrs ARPANSA,

I hope you and your extended family and friends are all well. I often think of you and your cousins the Telcos—and their talkative doctor, Karl K-something I think? Anyway, I imagine you are taking this period to catch up on reading some research which you have missed over the past decade or two. The lockdown is allowing time for such a project.

While I understand you are getting on in years, and that reading scientific papers is onerous, especially when they don’t tally with the thinking you presented a decade or two ago. By now there must be thousands of papers you have not had a chance to read—or have decided do not fit the type of research that suits you or the Telco family.

To assist you in your work of protecting Australians from radiation and making sure we are safe, I would like to alert you to papers that you haven’t commented on—I thought that might be helpful. Anyway, this website publishes new independent research. The latest bevy of abstracts with links is listed on this website

Me and some of my GlobaLocal friends were doing this reading and wanted to share these scientific papers with you. There are also some more interesting articles listed at the end of my letter. Have a look.

I’ve got an idea that you all might be interested in: Why not ask the Opticfibre family to do most of the work which Mr and Mrs Wireless are currently doing, and taking this technology right into every home where at all possible. It seems a bit silly that the Telecom, Optus and Vodafone families are competing and having to put up radiation emitting stations all over the place, when the Opticfibre family could do most of the work under the ground. And there would be clearly no harm to anyone if people were to plug-into the great service the Opticfibre family provides.

Just an idea you might like to think about. If, having thought about it, you decided it is a bright idea, could you make a suggestion to the government? It seems they listen to you a lot more than they listen to health professionals and scientists who are actually doing research. Sorry to be so blunt; perhaps research is not your role. But then surely your beliefs are not enough to assure the public that the new generations of mobile phone technology are safe.

While discussing the Opticfibre family, there is a great paper out (quite long though) about how helpful this family could be to all of us; It is titled ‘Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks’ by a Washington, DC group called the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. Have you heard of them? I want to quote something from the Foreword: “It [the paper] demonstrates why the mistaken upcoming 5G frenzy, with its millions of small cell antennas, destined to clutter all neighbourhoods in public right of ways, is dangerous, wasteful and unnecessary.” It also “…explores a wide path of opportunity for establishing fast safer and exceptionally reliable Internet connectivity that we all want and need (see p.i). It really is a marvellous paper— and one that Australia could learn a lot from. You can download the 156 pages here. Sorry that it is so long but sometimes a one-liner like ‘5G is safe’ is not convincing enough. Excuse the slightly sarcastic dig.

Wouldn’t it be safer and wiser if we Australians employed the Opticsfibres rather than the unstable and everchanging Bigwireless family. These people seem to be trying to take over the industry which you protect us from. I’ve heard that the Opticfibre family would save a lot of energy to—and that could be important. Apparently 5G takes 170% more energy to run. Seems expensive and wasteful. Have you heard about this? It might be another thing for somebody to look at and comment on.


We who are not convinced of your assurances often think of you and some of us (the forgiving religious ones) even pray for you. I want you to know that I am well again now that I keep my phone on flight mode most of the time, and have less and less to do with the Bigwireless family, who I have found to be quite negative—but in such subtle ways.

I have had more and more to do with the Opticfibres—they are wonderful family. Now that I have told you so much about them, I would really like to introduce you to them. Perhaps you could do research together—and they could bring you up to date with what they are doing. I told you already about the paper which is particularly good value, but I forgot to mention who wrote it so here is his name: Timothy Schoechle, PhD. He is a communication technology expert, international consultant in computer engineering and standardization, former faculty member of the University of Colorado, College of Engineering and Applied Science and Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP). Sorry again about the length. Do you read papers that are that long?

Anyway, do try and find the time for it.

It’s been good being in touch, I look forward to receiving answers to my few questions. Perhaps read the letter again and underline them. Oh Yes, please do try to get your doctor fellow, Karl—who shoots off on radio and makes funny faces on TV—to stop talking about 5G. He seems a nice enough guy, but he has clearly read less research about the dangers of 5G than your good selves.

Sorry again for my few blunt comments. Do have a read of the papers I have recommended to you—they might even change your minds. Australian people, animals, birds and bees are all hoping you will catch up and get with the program.

All the best to you and your extended family (and hangers on to an old paradigm)

Emeritus Professor E. Arthus, PDH

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