About Us

The Safe EMF Education Network Inc. (SEEN) is a non-for-profit volunteer-run incorporated association based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are committed to creating a safer environment by promoting public awareness, educating and empowering the community to mitigate the risks of exposure of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) in public spaces, schools, homes and workplaces.

Communities should have the right to make informed decisions and the opportunity to access technology safely.


Raise Public Awareness of EMF Health Risks

Adhering to objective scientific evidence and medical research into EMF-related issues. 


Promote Public Health & Safety

Regulated in accordance with the Legal Precautionary Principle.


Provide Guidance & Help Mitigate Risk

In the home, workplace, schools, and public spaces by offering practical solutions where possible.


Advocate For Greater Industry Accountability

So that consumers can access safe quality products, services, and communications technology.


Assist In Policy & Legislative Change

To ensure that legal duties of care are upheld. And to maintain standards for public health, safety and environment.

"SEEN provides information and guidance on electromagnetic frequency exposures. With a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of our community, family and the environment."

Susan – South Australia

"Everybody should have a look at the info on this page! Why isnt it taught in school and at work, even why not talk about this on tv!? If you have kids you cant afford to miss it!"

Darren – South Australia

"SEEN is empowering people in the midst of an increasingly dis-empowering technological culture that is being unleashed upon an unwitting population. SEEN seeks to protect those in harms way, particularly our next generations, our children."

Vincent – South Australia

Our Method

SEEN promotes and encourages educational drives, campaigns, workshops and information seminars to propagate awareness of EMF exposure safeguards in the community. Through awareness campaigns, workshops and demographic specific information seminars our goal is to assist key regulators, including the Lawmakers, Safety Officials in Schools, Workplaces, and Councils, as well as Health Professionals in the development of strategies to safeguard the public against EMF exposures.

SEEN have developed practical guides to engage with the Community, Council, Doctors, Legal pathways and Telcos. By strategically raising awareness of health dangers, first in the Community, then in the local Council area, then for key Councilors and MP’s, we can prevent or slow down the installation of new cell towers, (and their upgrades), ‘small cell installations’, and the new 5th generation (5G) wireless infrastructure. Our techniques involve community-based awareness events, seminars, petitioning Councils and personal lobbying. Where required, we can assist to co-ordinate legal action.

Our objectives are to change or rescind misguided corporate and government policies, to demand risk assessments for public Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) exposure, ensure mitigation of risk, and ultimately seek accountability from our delegates or representatives by invoking the Precautionary Principle. The adverse health effects associated with exposure to EMR – including short, micro, and millimetre wavelengths, from emitting sources such as Mobile Phone Towers, WiFi, Mobile Devices, and other related wireless technology infrastructure in or near public spaces, schools, homes and workplaces.


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Safe EMF Education Network

Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely



Adelaide, South Australia

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