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This disclaimer is an agreement with the site reader/visitor, and no terms herein shall be construed as evidence of wrongdoing or failure or default.

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Any views or thoughts expressed by SEEN on this site, or in connection with its products or services belong solely to the individual author of any specific text or uttering, and do not necessarily extend to the SEEN entity, its committee or to all its members. Diversity of opinion is recognized, and welcomed for purposes of open debate.

Errors and omissions excepted. SEEN assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. All information herein is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness. SEEN welcomes any suggestions or corrections.

SEEN has taken every reasonable effort to ensure accuracy of content by sourcing wherever possible from reputable and/or primary sources.

Where SEEN is construed as providing a product or service, the purchaser and seller hereby mutually establish a stewardship program to assist end-use customers in the safe responsible use of any product, and in the dissemination or use of the information contained herein.

Any alleged contradiction or conflict in the terms of this disclaimer shall be permitted to be severed so as to allow consistency in the spirit and intendment of this disclaimer

SEEN invokes the “fair use” Act in terms of any alleged copyright materials on this website, or used in our education/information sessions. Where possible, copyright data is transformed based on SEEN’s own creativity and personal expression to fit context. Where possible, permission is obtained from the creator for reproducing such work. And wherever such materials are used explicitly, it is only for the purposes of news reporting, research, teaching, commentary and or criticism.

Readers/Visitors to this site are permitted to reproduce portions of this website by seeking express written authorization from SEEN.


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