As public exposure to wireless technologies are increasing people are becoming increasingly sensitive to the various types of EMF. Are you suffering in silence? You are not alone! It is time for you voice to be heard!

Public Testimonials

My wife and I lived at Coffin Bay for about 15 years. While we were at Coffin Bay, the NBN was set up. The day they switched it on, my wife and I noticed we had very loud tinnitus. Previously, I used to get very light tinnitus maybe half a dozen times a year, which would last for a day or two, and my wife had never once had it in her life. After the NBN was switched on, we both had very loud, ongoing tinnitus 24/7. It is quite a bother to us and affects our quality of life and ability to think clearly at times. Then storms knocked out the SA power grid and the power went off at Coffin Bay for 3 days. On the first day of no power, my wife and I noticed that our tinnitus had completely disappeared. We had no tinnitus for 3 days. Then when the NBN came back on the tinnitus returned. Since the NBN came on, we have only had 3 days without tinnitus. We moved to Kangaroo Island where the NBN was already set up and our tinnitus continued unabated. When I get the opportunity I am planning to head into the outback somewhere for a week or so, to see if our tinnitus goes away again.

Mike -South Australia

In April 2019 I moved with my partner, mother and baby son into a rental property. Two weeks after moving in we all started to notice a ringing in our ears… we thought it might have been faulty wiring, so we turned off the meter box... but there was no difference. The ringing was worse at night, and would consist of both low and high pitches… We knew it was something in our environment because my mother and partner could hear it to. Sometimes the frequency pitch would change and we would all notice this change simultaneously. Our mental and physical health was steadily declining, tensions were high, we were not sleeping, were experiencing frequent headaches and found ourselves more irritable than ever. As a health care worker, psychology student and lifeline volunteer, I knew this was unlike my family and that something was very wrong with the environment we were in. Then, one day we noticed the two cell towers 600m from our back door. Alarm bells went off... could this be the source of the constant ringing? We began researching and found out that in April the towers had been upgraded to 4GX and the NBN had been installed. We employed a building biologist to do professional readings of our home and garden, and discovered that the Radio Frequency Radiation levels were incredibly high. We also discovered that the 1850s heritage cottage we had moved into had enormous levels of dirty electricity. Years of improper wiring, quick fixes and the recent installation of 12 LED downlights in the two living areas were creating an enormous electromagnetic field that was definitely having a negative effect on our physical and mental health. I approached my GP who admitted he did not know much about Electromagnetic Fields, but he was sympathetic and referred to the work of Dr Charlie Teo, who claims that prolonged exposures are contributing to the dramatic rise in brain tumours, and that children are especially at risk. The safety of my 8-month-old baby was in question and my own physical and mental health was deteriorating rapidly. So, we decided, within two months of moving in, to move out as soon as possible. We broke a 2-year lease, packed up all our belongings and embarked upon the journey to find a house as far away from a cell tower as we could. We found a property 6.8kms away from the nearest tower and decided to move in as soon as possible. Since moving, my tinnitus and mental health has dramatically improved. My irritability is no more, I sleep with ease, I only ever experience headaches in high EMF areas, such as the Adelaide CBD or when in close proximity to a cell tower. I now carry an EMF meter with me everywhere I go, practise EMF hygiene and ensure I avoid EMF hot spots at all costs. I am now dedicating my life to raising awareness of the health risks associated with wireless technologies and hope to create a safer community for my little boy to grow up in. Although the telcos deny the health risks, I’ve met many individuals suffering the effects of wireless technologies and one day soon our voices WILL be heard! We must value the safety of the community over profit driven corporations that will gladly put people’s health at risk to protect their revenue.

Shae -South Australia

We recently moved house and I was suffering weekly headaches, my 9 year old was so unwell he coulnt go to school but i couldnt work out what was wrong with him. Also my dog had diarrhea. I had heard about the concerns with 5 g so i brought a device to balance the emf. Within 2 weeks we were all better and functioning again. I would now like to get a meter to test the levels and see how high they are.

Wendy – South Australia

I am a love to stay at home person - I lived 150 metres from a tower for 6-7 years - I had dysentry all that time ( no i didnt go to the Dr thought it was just irritable bowel syndrome) in May 4GX appeared and instead of just having symptoms of dizziness, out of balance, head fog, constant exhaustion, memory loss, I flew into a mode of panic attacks, horrific anxiety, heart palpitations, weak legs that would not hold me steady, a tight throat that didnt want to swallow, and difficulty breathing with heart palpitations. I then purchased a cornet reader after looking into RF exposure and figured all this could be due to RF as inside the house was in the redzone in a lot of rooms except one when i stayed most of the time - I went to the Dr and he said I was Delusional!I decided to move house and have done that - I sold my big Villa and moved into a little house 1 klm away from all the 4 towers around Tanunda and the difference is amazing to my health - the readings have gone from .7000 (fluctuating) down to .0005/6 and most noticable is my 3 dogs who now play a lot instead of just laying around and they are not losing their coats anymore, and my most noticable things are no panic, no anxiety, no dystentry, and my skin is no longer dry and scaley - it feels really moist and smooth also I no longer have pressure in my head.

Anonymous-South Australia

A remote desk phone and charger were near my wireless computer where I sat for 6-8 hours/day, Both were discovered later on, to emit a very high level of radiation when tested with a monitor! One night in bed, I very bad dizzy spell and stumbled to the floor when trying to stand up. Vision in my left eye was very blurred and wavy. Shortly after, my ears began ringing. Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, and Ear doctors found nothing. I got better after a year of wearing crystals to strengthen my energy field along with returning to corded computer and phone, I avoid wifi now. The ringing fluctuates but is lower overall. I see pattern when exposed to much time near radio frequency signals.


A few months ago I started to get periodic short headaches. I realised these hit the same spot in my head at the same locations around the city. We stopped driving one day and looked around and saw this mighty 5G tower about 300 metres away. We did the same thing every time I got another headache. Sure enough we could spot another tower. I was always the first to purchase the latest phone and had no idea about radiation. My husband had also started to get headaches. Before we made the connection of headache and 5G tower we had both been to the dr. My husband was told “you must be too stressed”. My dr said she would organise an MRI if it continued. We also realised we had 5 5G towers within 2 km of our house. Coogee in WA had been one of the first areas to have them install so densely. We bought a TR2 Meter and began doing some readings. We had intended plotting the readings but got so worried when most of the towers were emitting 16+mW/m2 and many off the scale of over 20mW/2. Nearly all shopping centres in Perth have them installed on top and anywhere where people gather e.g. train stations ! We also have a substation on our property. ( interestingly both myself and my daughter suffered severe chronic fatigue after we had moved onto the property 20 years ago ) Our solution - we have put our house on the market and bought a motorhome which we sleep in every night. We have found some “safe” spots where the readings are 0 ( although we can actually see towers out our back window ! ). We have a 50% silver grounding mattress cover which we use in our motorhome when not near any power. Are we severely worried? Yes! Will we do anything to protect the lives of our kids and grandkids? Yes!

Mahiya & Joseph – Western Australia

It is not long ago when we did not know of intolerance to gluten or to lactose …and it was no medical recognition of them. And just because this “intolerance” was not acknowledged, it doesn’t mean it was not a health issue that many suffered silently. Now this is all repeating in our society when it comes to Electro Sensitivity (ES). Technically this is an ‘environmental illness’, which means many people (including myself) experience debilitating neurological and immunological symptoms in the presence of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These symptoms range from headaches, chest pain, dizziness, dry eyes, to cognitive dysfunction, vertigo, nerve tingling, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction, skin problems, nausea, tinnitus, and joint pain… all worsening with the degree and intensity of EMF exposure. This is a sad truth most ES individuals do not dare to talk about, fearful of being labelled crazy, or being socially marginalized and professionally ostracized. I know from my experience how hard it is! Often ridiculed and considered an “odd character” I suffered this stigma in deep sadness and despair but I was determined to find a solution… and I shall fight the odds to make this experience known as a wake-up call to take action and “Be the Change we want to see in the World”. After searching desperately a way to deal with my condition, I was blessed to find immense amount of scientific evidence from all over the world. I found that it’s currently estimated that about 5% of the world’s population is severely ES, with nearly 50% moderately affected symptomatically. These numbers are predicted to rise significantly very soon as the 5G technology will be a blanket of radiation, with no place on Earth to escape or to recover. The people with ES are just the first to feel it therefore we serve as “awakeners” and hopefully “change makers”! I’m here to bring awareness…as this is the truth: people with ES are getting evicted from their lives, losing friends, families, jobs, and homes. They are losing their hope, their purpose in life, and their security in the world around them. Therefore, we all need to ask ourselves these questions: 1. What is the point of having high-speed wi-fi connectivity if it makes us sick that we can barely function? 2. What is the point of having a smart phone and checking for “likes” if we get cancer? I think it is time to admit that just like tobacco or asbestos; our wireless technologies are toxic to our bodies. That this could be the very reason we are seeing an unprecedented rise in chronic illness, psychological disorders and cancer. Don’t get me wrong…I do not hate technology. In fact, I am grateful for how rapidly it shifted my awareness and also helped humanity connect and evolve! I just want it to be safe! Because I am nearly 49-years old and it was a time when I was fine with no health issues... and now I’m barely able to call myself a functional person. Electrosensitivity is progressive if not properly addressed, so it didn’t take long for me to develop heart palpitations when stepping inside a generously providing Wi-Fi mall…or headaches from sitting in a Wi-Fi-ed Library… or ringing in my ears and dizziness when in the school environment. The truth is: I did not understand the extent of my condition or the effects of wireless radiation because it was not known and medical practitioners didn’t talk about it. The media didn’t warn about it. In May 2016, I moved in a new house in Adelaide city. Not known to me, my new residence was near a tower emitting 4G and testing the 5G. This was not something I could control or disable. Nor was I informed about it. I didn’t investigate, because I didn’t know about radiation dangers at that time! Within first months after residing in my new house, I experienced fatigue, dizziness and I had body-wide twitching, and vertigo. By the end of the first year, I was in full neuro-immune-endocrine collapse. I had headache with sharp pain inside my spine, shooting up into my brain; nausea and tremors; my heart skipped beats every couple of seconds; my hands and feet were numb. I had digestive problems with painful spasms; I had many nights with insomnia and struggled daily with cognitive dysfunction such that I couldn’t speak properly nor remember simple things. My head was in constant pressure and tension and my left jaw got stiff and sore – barely able to eat and speak. This rapid degeneration affected my confidence badly and I hit depression to the point of contemplating suicide. This may seem unbelievable when you hear that I am a educated in health, positive psychology and human behaviour studies …yet that’s the truth! Everything was crumbling down in my life…Too sick to function; I relinquished all forms of activity that required commitment. Gradually my family life was deeply affected and most of my social life got extremely limited and I could not go places because… Electromagnetic fields are practically everywhere and they hurt! We are not meant to live and evolve in a field of artificial frequencies that interrupt our bio-rhythms and disrupt our DNA patterns. This is the truth: the new technology is threatening our health and it’s really a critical time now to get informed and educate others on the biological effects of radiofrequency radiation and EMFs. It’s a matter of starting a conversation about this…creating awareness and finding solutions together.

Corina – South Australia



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