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April 11th, 2021

SEEN Members Meeting

Magill, SA

Notice of General Meeting 

Dear SEEN Members,

We would like to invite you to attend a shared lunch at the Magill Girl Guides Hall on Sunday April 11 at 11:30am.


This is an opportunity to meet the SEEN committee, discuss SEENs achievements, explore our goals in 2021, hear from EMF expert Tim Sawyer and meet some SEEN members. We will also be discussing our upcoming AGM and opportunities to get involved.

We would love to see you there. Friends and family are welcome! There will be games to play, a raffle, as well as EMF and kinesiology demonstrations. If you have an EMF shielding device and would like to have its efficacy tested this is the perfect opportunity!


Look forward to seeing you all there!
Kind regards,
The SEEN Inc. Committee

Novemeber 2th, 2020

Live Zoom Webinar

Invite Only

Telecommunication Infrastructure In The Community – Discussions with Barrister Raymond Broomhall

Safe EMF Education Network Inc. is pleased to offer Elected Representatives throughout South Australia an opportunity to explore legal issues surrounding the growing number of Telecommunication installations throughout the community.

Discover how to support your constituents by promoting greater community autonomy and involvement in telecommunication decision making processes.

Barrister Raymond Broomhall, EMR legal expert, will explain what Elected Representatives need to know about the roll out of wireless technology in their local community.

Personnel involved in infrastructure planning and environmental matters in the local community may also benefit from attending this meeting

Please confirm your attendance. Once registered you will receive the Zoom link.

Barrister Raymond Broomhall’s full bio available here: http://www.michaelkirbychambers.com/raymond-broomhall/

August 7, 2020

Marino, SA

FREE Entry

5G: Pause To Consider

Guest Speakers

  • Safe EMF Education Network Inc.
  • Tim Sawyer – Building Geobiologist & Radiation Expert
  • Shae Elliss – EMF Researcher & Electro-sensitivity Sufferer
  • Susan Howlett – Educator & Electro-sensitivity Sufferer
  • Dr Stephen Carthew – 5049 Resident & Social Scientist

5G: are the “benefits” worth the risk? We invite you to pause to consider whether this is the future we want for our children.

Please come discuss the 10 metre Optus tower that is planned to be erected close to residents and the Marino Community Hall.

5G has spurred a great debate in recent years; promising us new “SMART” technologies, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, the Internet of Things and faster download speeds. To do this 5G requires thousands of small cells to be installed as receivers of high risk millimeter waves that have not been tested for long term biological safety. 

Tim Sawyer, Building Geobiologist and radiation expert with over 25 years experience teaching tertiary education will be the main speaker. Tim will help us to understand the issues surrounding the rollout of 5G mmWave technology, along with more general issues related to radiation and health.

Safe EMF Education Network Inc. speakers will outline some steps the 5049 community can take to contest the installation of telecommunications infrastructure. SEEN Inc. is committed to promoting a safe environment by raising public awareness, educating and empowering communities to mitigate the adverse health risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

April 3, 2020

Adelaide, SA

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EMF Safe Schools: Protecting Children in the Digital Age

Digital devices and wireless technology are becoming common place in Australian schools.

Yet, according to a recent study (UNSW, 2019) over 80 per cent of teachers in Australia think digital devices are a growing distraction to students. Three of five teachers believe there has been a clear decrease in students’ readiness to learn at school; and, in 2019, Australia scored its lowest ever results in the global reading, mathematics and science tests.

The adverse health effects on child development associated with the prolonged use of digital devices and exposure to wireless technology such as Wi-Fi is well established.

Attend this information seminar to learn how to create a safe & healthy learning environment for children utilising safe EMF protocols. Upper Sturt Primary School – a Wi-Fi free school leads the way, discover the precautionary measures implemented to protect students and staff.

Safe EMF Education Network

Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely



Adelaide, South Australia

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