The residents of Grange, South Australia are fighting back against a Telstra Tower development at the Grange Bowling Club on WIlson Court – a residentially zoned area.
Sos Grange is standing against the development of Telstra Towers in residential zones, and the complete lack of community engagement and consultation in this process.

What you need to know:

1) Telstra’s “Proposal to Install a New Telecommunications Facility at Grange Bowling Club at 11 Wilson Court Grange” can be viewed here

2) It is URGENT that as many of us as possible send in the “Statement of Representation Form” to the City of Charles Sturt BEFORE DECEMBER 15TH. Please be aware that anyone, resident, vistor, concerned human can fill in this form.
The link is below. You just need to fill in your representation and send
The concerns most likely to affect Council’s final decision will be based around whether or not the tower, and its facility meets Charles Sturt Council Development Plan specifically in regards to provisions outlining the Council’s requirements for Telecommunication Facilities which are summarised below:
Is the proposed tower facility designed to have a minimal impact on the character and amenity of our local area?
Is the tower being placed in an area where it will be screened by existing buildings and vegetation?
Is the tower going to be incorporated into an existing structure to minimise its visual impact?
Is the tower going to fit in with existing structures, landforms and vegetation and complement the local environment?
Other points to consider mentioning in your Statement of Representation to Council:
Concerns about devaluation of land / house and suburb values
Concern for the local environment, community and lifestyle
Health concerns and proximity to your residence (dangers of EMR and EME waves)
A commercial venture right in the middle of a residential zone
Or anything else that particularly concerns you!

3) You can also contact the Grange Bowling Club, here on Facebook at give them a friendly call on (08) 8 356 8389.

4) If you would like to be added to our mailing list just send through you email address to this page or drop us a line at
Please contact us here with any questions, suggestions or anything else you’d like to discuss.

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