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A senior SEEN member began talking with a twenty-year-old woman neighbour, who began researching EMRs through the SEEN site. She was so excited that she wrote to thank SEEN for their website. EM also began sharing what she discovered. Older members might wonder what it would have been like with this endemic technology when they were young. I Remember When I Was Young

. (You don’t need to listen to the whole song the first minute gives the idea if you haven’t heard it).  


Letter from EM (no extra E, R, or F – but perhaps an S)



Thank you SEEN:

I have had real value from going through the SEEN website, so I have become a part of your safe electromagnetic frequency education network. Yay!


I’m not a very scientific kind of person, but those Abstracts in alphabetical subject order on the Research Page gave me an understanding of how much research has been done by people who really know what they are doing – not just being paid by the big telcos either.

How come I had never heard of any of this at school when I did stuff on communication technology? Not a word about electromagnetic radiation. That’s crazy. Mobile phone safety is clearly the next smoking, or asbestos, or DDT – and we heard about them.


People who believe that all the new (pretty much untested) technology is fine – like I used to – should read these abstracts at least. Even just reading the names of all the papers gives an idea of what’s going on. It gave me a jolt. I thought everything was cool. Now I’m sure it isn’t. However, most of my friends don’t get it. Few people I know what I’m talking about. They just don’t want to know. It is hard to believe until you start reading it.


Anyway, this is all causing social stains with friends and family. But, although I don’t know a lot about the science of it, I must follow what I think is real and say something when the time seems to be right. It’s almost useless talking to someone who doesn’t want to know. After discussing it a fair bit, I have got my parents to agree to turn off the Wi-Fi at night, and I’m sleeping a lot better now. And I keep my phone off at night too.

Thanks again for the Website

Hey, I watched a good YouTube the other day called Look up, it had 62 million views! Here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dLU6fk9QY



Another letter from EM:

The SEEN website has helped to give me a wider picture of the world than I was getting via my narrow small-picture social-media world. One really good thing is that I have just stopped feeling the need to have my phone on me all the time.


Yay! I feel free to look at the world and watch real people doing real things – and I even talk to a stranger on the bus occasionally – one who isn’t looking at their phone with the radiating ear bugs I used to wear so much.


To start with, I just turned my phone on flight mode a lot – especially in the car or on the bus where the Faraday Cage effect was probably having a bad effect on me. I never know of course, because the whole thing is invisible and hardly anyone talks about it as an issue.


After a while I even left my phone at home. And I’m still alive. My friends think I’m crazy because I’m not with the main program. But that’s the point I don’t want to be programmed any more – and the more I think about it the more I feel that my whole generation are slaves to a technology that uses them – even though they think they are using it. So now I am thinking they are the crazy people for being so sucked in by the hegemonic power of the big controlling corporate (I really like that word ‘hegemonic’. I just discovered it – this is the first time I used it in a letter). I feel like I am getting back my own power by calling this out for what it is.

All the best to you SEEN people.



Third letter from EM

Hi SEEN members again. I’m excited. I recently read the paper called ‘Reinventing Wires’  Wow! Did that make sense! 

How come Australia’s Minister for Communication hasn’t done something about it?

Really dumb not to! If people could read this kind of information they would have to see they have been sucked in big time by the Big Wireless Companies!

Go optical fibre to the home! Way to go!

Using wires properly as the major infrastructure for communication needs – like sewage for every street – makes so much sense. The paper shows that the 5G frenzy is bullshit [sorry – but that’s the best way to describe it]. The millions of antennas outside homes everywhere in the cities looks so ridiculous – and it’s pretty dangerous, and wasteful of power and so frigging unnecessary.  


Every local councillor, parliamentarian and telco worker in the world should read this and get a grip on a proper cord rather than use the sneaky electromagnetic Wi-Fi waves that give my neighbour headaches – she is electromagnetic sensitive, so I know that it irritates the  nervous system, and probably cause a lot of unnecessary sickness in society. It makes me want to do something. That’s why I’m writing – maybe telling others to look at this stuff might make a difference. Once you know, it’s hard to know what to do. So maybe this can go on your website.




Fourth letter to SEEN from EM

I have just had another look at that Marshall McLuhan guy who I read about in my last year at school to see if he had anything to say. I had not known that the title of his main book was, The Medium is the Massage. I discovered they printed it wrongly. It was meant to be ‘The Medium is the Message.’ When he saw the mistake he said, “Let it be.” He could have demanded that the printers reprint it, but he said. “Leave it! It’s great, and right on target!” And then played more with the title, saying stuff like, “The Medium is the Mess Age”.


Today the medium is mobile phone technology using EMR – which hypes up our anxiety with the invisible high-intensity microwave radiation – especially when we turn on the fifth-generation technology. McLuhan also he said, “The Medium is the Mass Age”. He got that right – because it feels like it’s designed to dumb down the masses, and strip them of intuition – so they believe what they are hearing on the mainstream mass media. This is especially so now that marketing has become a kind of “science” designed to turn people into consuming zombies – where people are really thought of as buying machines to feed corporate wealth – assisted by as much AI as we are stupid enough to tolerate. 


But with all this, something really great is happening, many people have decided to really use the technology to fight back with another message. It seems to me it’s time for all generations to wake up to the con of having a so called ‘full-time connection’ – via blue-tooth and Wi-Fi all over our homes – to open the blinds and feed the fridge; with phones in our pockets and on our wrists and with e-bugs in our ears. These are all counterfeit connections – ones which can only lead us to a disastrous disconnection from our real life, which should be connected to nature and people – face to face. And then also connected to nature more which keeps us in tune with our own healthy, happy selves. I feel liberated not using this technology so much.

Thanks again


P.S. I just thought, I like being just EM without the F, R, or S, Because I am electrical too – and I don’t want my EM interfered with.



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