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The Safe EMF Education Network is a non-for-profit volunteer-run incorporated association based in Adelaide, South Australia. We’re committed to creating a safer environment by raising public awareness, educating and empowering communities to mitigate the adverse health risks associated with exposure of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

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$50 off a Professional EMF Home Assessment

Become a member with SEEN and receive $50 off a professional EMF home assessment.


20% off a Professional Kinesiology Body Balance

Receive a kinesiology balance by a registered kinesiologist at the Power of Kinesiology.


10% Off Stickers & Merchandise

Members recieve a 10% off coupon code for stickers and store merchandise.


Members Only Events/ Networking & Fundraising days

Members only events provide our members with the opporunity to meet like minded people, gain EMF support, guidance and have a bit of fun along the way.  


Info-Packs, Pro-Formas, Letter Templates & Contact / Referral Lists

Utilise our database of doccuments to help you approach your school, health professional, lawyer, council, MPs & Businesses with EMF related concerns. 


EMF Based Guidance, Support & Mitigation Assistance

Our dedicated team of volunteers can help you create an EMF safe home, workplace, school, and community by offering practical solutions where possible.


Electro-Sensitivity Support Groups

Are you Electro-Sensitive? Are you suffering the effects of EMF exposure in slience? We welcome you to share your story, without fear of judgement. Come along to one of our EMF support groups for free mindfulness training, meditation, reslience building and the opportunity to share with others who understand you. 


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Safe EMF Education Network

Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely

Adelaide, South Australia

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