The Environmental Health Trust (EHT) has recently had a breakthrough decision made in their favour against the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC: aka the Fat Cat Commission).

EHT has the resources to take on this big wireless enabling organisation in the court and win. Our own QANGO, ARPANSA (aka: Australian Representatives Pandering to Advertisers of Non-ionising Science Asleepers) has been our Rip van Winkle for too long. Wake up ARPANSA and inform the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) that it isn’t 1996 anymore, and that no one can get away with old lines in 2021.

So it is clear that yawning national organisations designed to protect and ‘keep us safe’ have been sleeping in with the Telcos for far too long. While the world’s health has been degraded they have sleep-overs together. The Environmental Health Trust have now woken up the FCC with a good shake and bucket of water. Thankfully there are still many fair courts in the world.

With our own No5G Party making potential political noise at the next election, perhaps groups like SEEN and awake individuals can make ARPANSA get out of bed too.

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