The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc. 

ORSAA is a not-for-profit organisation of scientists and professionals of various academic disciplines who are interested in the scientific research that investigates the effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on humans, animals and the environment. As the name indicates, ORSAA has a special focus on radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) that includes high frequency microwaves widely used for wireless communication and surveillance technologies. However, ORSAA’s interest in biological effects research extends to extremely low frequency (ELF) fields such as those utilized for domestic electrification (power frequencies).

ORSAA’s ethos is to provide an independent perspective on the relevant science and facilitate evidence-based decision making by various stake-holders of modern society including clinicians, educators, safety officers and policy makers on issues regarding exposure to EMR.

ORSAAs Objectives 

1. To promote the preservation of health and human rights by advancing the knowledge and expertise pertaining to the science of non-ionizing radiation through education and other lawfully charitable means. This will be achieved by promoting social and environmental responsibility when adopting new High Frequency (HF) technology with a view to harm minimization.

3. To promote the establishment of ethical and professional RF Standards that are biologically based for long term benefit of the general public. This association will have no vested financial interest in wireless technology and will investigate research studies relating to radiofrequencies with an independent and unbiased view.

4. To promote the support and encouragement of scientific research applicable to man-made non-ionizing radiation, health and well-being.

2. To promote the establishment and maintenance of a program to educate scientists, medical professionals, education professionals, and interested laypersons, by making available and disseminating as widely as possible, all available information relating to scientific research covering man made sources of non-ionizing radiation, environmental impacts and public health and well-being. This will be achieved by the following:

a. Assemble a broad range of scientific experts within the scientific community relating to HF radiation exposure and potential health effects;
b. Provide a forum for discussion and education;
c. Provide educational seminars on the safe use of HF radiation devices; including bringing to Australia the latest overseas researchers to talk on the emerging health issues that are being associated with HF radiation exposure.

5. To assist in research objectives that will identify potential impacts relating to exposure of man-made non-ionising radiation and to establish a sound basis for explaining potential harm(s). 

Safe EMF Education Network

Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely



Adelaide, South Australia

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