EMF Solutions

Download our step by step guides to help you mitigate the risks associated with EMF exposure, raise community awareness, reduce electrosmog pollution and take back control of your health.

EMF Solution Checklists

Building Geobiology

Building Geobiologists are healthy building experts that look out for high EMF areas that may be negatvely impacting your physical and mental health.  Building Geobiologists use various EMF meters to mesure electric, magnetic, radio frequencies,  dirty electricity and electrical pollution. 

EMF Safe Schools

It is fundamentally important that we, as a society, provide safe and healthy learning environments for our children. Unprecedented long term exposure to EMF in schools may present a potential health and safety risk or hazard for children and staff. Learn how to reduce EMF pollution in schools to protect the health and developement of future generations. 


Hardwiring your internet connection with an Ethernet cable is a smarter, safer and more secure way of connecting to the internet. Hardwiring is a very simple and cost effective solution, reducing your expsoure to RF radiation, ensuring a stable and reliable connection and guarantees faster download speeds.

EMF Safe Workplace

Are you sitting in an office or at a Reception Desk near a WIFI Router? Are you a road warrior? Constantly using mobile phone for work? You could be putting your health at risk. It is important for business owners, employees and staff to know how to ensure EMF safe practises within the workplace to protect themselves, their staff and comply with OH&S regulations. 

Mobile Hygiene

Mobile phones produce huge radiation emissions and can have a significant impact on your health. Learn how to use your mobile phone in the safest possible way by significantly reducing your exposure to RF radiation, thus mitigating the risks to your health and improving your personal well being. 

Objecting To SMART Meters

SMART meters are scheduled for mass deployment on our homes. They emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation and gather data to share with third parties. SMART meters are often placed on your home without permission. Learn how to combat a SMART meter installation, Opt-Out or ensure the disconnection of all wireless transmissions. 

EMF Safe Homes

Most 21st century homes are full of harmful man-made EMF. Although invisible, these emissions can have disastrous effect on your health. Minimize day-to-day EMF exposure to ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Maintaining an EMF safe home can help improve your sleep and your overall wellbeing. 

Approaching Health Professionals

Is EMF expsoure making you sick? In Australia, EMF induced illnesses such as Electro-Hypersesntivity (EHS) are not officially recognised and/or clearly understood by all health and medical professionals. It is impreative that authories protect the health of the public. The first step is professional recognition of EMF health risks.  Learn how to discuss your symptoms with your health professional without fear of being misunderstood. 

Council & Community Awareness

As public exposure to wireless technology increases, so does the risk to public health. Although many are becoming aware of EMF, many communities do not fully understand the the risks associated with prolonged exposure. Learn how to protect your community by spreading awareness and lobbying local members of government to ensure the safety of their consitutents. 

Object To An Installation

Is there an exisitng or proposed mobile phone tower/ small cell installation close to your home, school and/or workplace? You have the the right to object to wireless infrastructure that irriadiates you and your family. Follow our step by step guide to learn how.

EMR Legal Options

Its imperative to any legal action, (whether it goes to court or not) to be precise, keep records, cite all your authorities, research deeply and avoid quoting less-credible sources. Follow these steps to assist you  and your solicitor in the pursuit of legal action against EMF exposure. 

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Become a member of Safe EMF Education Network Inc. for one-on-one guidance, access to info-packs, letter templates, 10% off merchandise, 50% off a professional EMF home assessment via the services of a qualified Building Biologist, and more! We are here to help protect you and your family from EMF expsoure in your home and throughout the community.

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