Building Geobiologly

Building Geobiology investigates building health and the relationship between radiation factors and disease with a focus on the analysis of radiation exposure from both man-made (electronic pollution or EMF) and natural sources (geopathic stress).

EMF & Health

Health is an important personal and social value. Its value is sadly often only recognised and respected when people become ill or older. Due to a dramatic increase of external factors in this day and age, we observe an increase in health problems and disease. Many of these problems can be traced back to factors like building construction methods, telecommunication, increased electrification of houses (‘wired for convenience’), Wi-Fi and other wireless technology, radio, digital TV broadcasts and Geopathic stress zones.

The fact is that our body’s own nervous system and thus the control of the whole organism and brain functions on electricity (body and cell voltage 60-90 mV at 0.000 000 000 004 ampere), which is exclusively a direct current. This makes the nervous system very sensitive to outside influences. In addition to this, the body is very vulnerable to excesses of natural radiation (like grid lines), which is a bit like sunburn, leads to cell changes.

The time factor until symptoms manifest is in most people long. This is why in first instance the connection between ‘Radiation and disease’ is not obvious. Only after allopathic and naturopathic options have not led to lasting success (usually after 5 years) people start investigating the radiation subject.

EMF Influences

Radio Frequency (RF)

Smart Phones
Cordless Phones
Cell Phone Towers
Smart Meters
Microwave Oven
5G Wireless
Baby Monitors 

Magnetic Fields (MF)

Electronic Chargers
High Voltage Power Lines
House With Faulty Wiring (incorrectly installed)
Electric Current on Water Pipe or Gas
Electrical Panel
Power Supply Cables (above or under ground)

Electrical Fields (EF)

Houshold Wiring
Power Strips
Ungrounded Electronics
Cords & Chargers
Lamps & Lighting

Dirty Electricity (DE)

CFL, LED or Flurescent Light Bulbs
Solar Panel Inverters
Dimmer Switches
Smart Televisions
Chargers for Electronics

Radio Frequency (RF)

Radio Frequency (RF) operates from 2kHz to 300 GHz. Microwaves, a kind of RF singaling range from 100kHz to 300GHz. This means that many of the devices you use everyday (Smart Phones, Cordless Home Phones, Smart Meters & Wi-Fi) use the exact same kind of frquency that your microwave oven uses to cook your food (except using much less power). 

Electrical Fields (EF)

An electric field occurs wherever a voltage is present. Electric fields are created around appliances and wires wherever a voltage exists. You can think of electric voltage as the pressure of water in a garden hose – the higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field strength. Electric field strength is measured in volts per meter (V/m). The strength of an electric field decreases rapidly as you move away from the source. Electric fields can also be shielded by many objects, such as trees or the walls of a building.

Magnetic Fields (MF)

Magnetic fields are created whenever there is a flow of electric current. This can also be thought of as the flow of water in a garden hose. As the amount of current flowing increases, the level of magnetic field increases. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (mG).

Dirty Electricity (DE)

The electricity that runs through your the wires in your home is meant to oscillate at a frequency of 50Hz (in Australia, Europe, Africa & most of Asia) or 60Hz (in North America). 

However, most modern electrical appliances have been desgined to continually interupt the flow of electricity many times a second. Dimmer switches for example, basically turns the ON & OFF button of your light bulb around 120 times a second. Although the naked eye cannot detect this constant flicker, the results make the light in the room dimmer. 

Anything “energy efficent” works in the same way. A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), for exmaple, saves energy by going ON & OFF at least 20,000 times per second. 

Although this may save electricty, it corrupts the usual 50-60Hz range, thus creating “Dirty Electrcity” a frequency that emits between the 300Hz to 10MHz range.  This can have serious health effects, especially those in the RF range (between 2kHz – 100kHz). 

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Exposure Safety Standards

The government has established maximum exposure limits, which they say, must not be exceeded. These limits, however, are unrealistically high and, we suspect, sacrifice our safety in order to cater to corporate, industrial and political interests.

Electrical Fields

Measured In:  Volts (V)
Safe Public Exposure Limit

Government (ICNIRP): 5000 V/m
Building Biologists: 1,5 V/m
Levels in Nature: <0,0001

Magnetic Fields

Measured In:  MilliGauss (mG) or NanoTesla (nT).
Safe Public Exposure Limit

Government (ICNIRP): 1000 mG
Building Biologists: 1 mG
The Bioinitiative Report:  1-2 mG 
Levels in Nature: <0,000002 mG


Measured In: microwatts / cm² (uW/cm²)
Safe Public Exposure Limit

Government: 1000 uW/cm2
Building Biologists (sleeping areas) :
< 0.000,01 uW/cm²
Bioinitiative Report: 0.1 uW/cm²
Levels in Nature: <0,000001 

Dirty Electricity

Measured In:
Safe Public Exposure Limit

Government: N/A
Building Biologists:

Natural Influences

Ionising & Friction Energy

Flowing underground water
Water vein

Voltaic Processes

Tectonic movements / Fault lines

Mixing of different trace elements / Ground mixing (often found at foot hills)

Geomagnetic Anomalies

N-S, E-W / Hartmann lines

45 degree offset / Curry grid

Safe EMF Education Network

Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely

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