Community Awareness

As public exposure to wireless radiation increases, so does the risk to public health. Although many are becoming aware of this issue, many communities do not fully understand the the risks associated with prolonged exposure. Learn how to protect your community by spreading awareness and lobbying local members of government to ensure the safety of their consitutents. 

What You Need To Know

The Role of Your Local Council

According to the Local Government Act 1999, the principal roles of a Council are to provide for Government and management of its area at the local level. Specifically, Councils are required to:

  • act as a representative, informed and responsible decision-maker in the interests of its community
  • provide and coordinate various public services and facilities and to develop its community and resources in a socially just and ecologically sustainable manner
  • encourage and develop initiatives within its community for improving the quality of life of the community
  • represent the interests of its community to the wider community
  • exercise, perform and discharge the powers, functions and duties of Local Government under this and other Acts in relation to the area for which it is constituted
The Public Health Act

According to Section 37 of the South Australian Public Health Act (2011), that specifies the functions of Councils as a local public health authority for its area. The functions that are conferred on a Council, include:

  • To take action to preserve, protect and promote public health within its area;
  • Insofar as is reasonably practicable, to have adequate measures in place within its area to ensure that activities do not adversely affect public health;
  • To identify risks to public health within its area;
  • As necessary, to ensure that remedial action is taken to reduce or eliminate adverse impacts or risks to public health;
  • To assess development, or proposed development, within its area in order to determine and respond to public health impacts (or potential public health impacts); and
  • To provide, or support the provision of, educational information about public health and to provide or support activities within its area to preserve, protect or promote public health.

The Public Health Act, also extends the definition of “public health”, to protect, maintain or promote the health of the community at large, including were one or more persons may be the focus of any safeguards, action or response; or, to prevent or reduce the incidence of disease, injury or disability within the community. For the purposes of the Act, “harm” includes physical or psychological harm, or potential harm, to individuals, whether of long term or immediate impact or effect. Similarly, the Act states that a person may “cause” harm if he or she “contributes” to something happening, or …”allows or permits” something to happen.


Protecting Your Community

The committee chair of the Australian Senate Inquiry (2001) into Electromagnetic Radiation suggested that the government review the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination Act 1997, and “as a precautionary measure, amend it to enable community groups to have greater input into the siting of antenna towers and require their installation to go through normal local government planning processes”.

Once again the government ignored these recommendations and has since valued the pursuits of profit driven telecommunications industries over the wishes of the general public and the warnings of EMF experts.

It is time for Australian’s to take back their community autonomy, lobby members of government to protect the health their consitutents and fight current legislation that alows Telco’s to install radiation emitting infrastructure without public consent.

Refer to our council & community checklist below to discover what you can do to protecct yourself, your family and the community at large. 

Where Are We Being Exposed?

Public Spaces

At Home

At Work

At School

 Raising Council &
Community Awareness


Get to Know & Engage With Your Local Councillors

Get to know who your council members are and their area of interest.This can be done via your local council website. Contact your Councillor in your Ward to set up a meeting in person to raise your concerns (1-3 can attend meeting). Ask what they may be able to do to help. Get them onside.


Gather information

Gather credible evidence on Electromagnetic Radiation risks and information on for towers near you. Be informed about upgrades to existing towers and new installations and write an objection letter to the telco. Visit for scentific evidence of the risk.



Gather Community Support

Gather support in your community – letterbox drop flyers in your street and to houses near towers, you could organize neighbourhood meetings.


Get familiar with Your Council's Strategic Plan

Get familiar with your council’s strategic plan and any SMART Cities and LED Street Lighting plans. These can be accessed via your local Council website. Find out whether there is going to be a community consultation process. Have your Say.


Hold a Community Meeting

Host a Community Meeting – Members can contact SEEN for guidance and to request support when approaching your Local Council.


Determine Best Approach

Determine how best to approach your Council. Councillor may provide some advice. e.g. petitioning to Council, deputation or presentation. Also, consider approach you local State or Federal MP.


Forward information to Councillors and local MP

Email or prepare hardcopy information pack and hand-outs for Councilors and local MP.


Develop a Petition

Petitioning to Council is good way to gain support in your local area. Supermarkets, schools, businesses may be interested in supporting this cause. Especially, if they are located in close proximity to a mobile tower. Check with Council for petition rules and requirements.


Engage with Professionals or Experts

Consider engaging with professionals with qualifications or expertise that will have greater weight when presenting to the Council – e.g. building biologist, scientist, medical doctors, lawyers. Invite your community to attend for support.


Attend a Council Meeting & Have Your Say

Attend a Council meeting – after approaching your Councillor personally, you may want to attend a Council meeting to present your concerns. Contact your Council to discuss the process on how you go about this. SEEN can assist members what points to raise during a council deputation or presentation.


Health Affect by a Certain Tower

If you are being affected by a certain tower near your home, work, school or are electro-sensitive, include evidence via a letter from your GP. Refer to SEEN website for further information on how to approach your doctor or health professional.

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