EMF Safe Homes

Most 21st century homes are full of harmful man-made EMF. Although invisible, these emissions can have disastrous effect on your health. Minimize day-to-day EMF exposure to ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Building Geobiologists are EMF home experts who can assist you with this process. Maintaining an EMF safe home can: 

  • Help you get a deeper and more restful nights sleep.
  • Improve learning, cognitive function and mental health. 
  • Strengthen the immune system to maintain physical health and well-being. 

Sources of EMF at Home

Wireless Devices

Wi-Fi and wireless devices used within your home are, most likely, the most common source of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) within your home. To avoid wireless radiation emissions from these devices:

  • Hardwire your internet connection using an Ethernet cable, ensure Wi-Fi is turned OFF.
  • Install a corded landline instead of using your mobile.
  • Eliminate or limit exposure to wireless device emissions from sources such as Fitbits, Bluetooth Speakers, Air pods, Ipads/Tablets, Foxtel, Alexa, OkGoogle.
Smart Meters

SMART meters are scheduled for mass deployment on our homes. They emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation and gather data to share with third parties. SMART METERS are often placed on your home without permission. If you go Solar or build a new home, you will automatically get a SMART meter installed.

  • Opt-Out of  SMART home infrastructure such as SMART Meter installations.
  • If already installed request the wireless transmission device be disabled. 
Dirty Electricity

The electricity that runs through your the wires in your home is meant to oscillate at a frequency of 50Hz (in Australia, Europe, Africa & most of Asia) or 60Hz (in North America). 

However, most modern electrical appliances have been desgined to continually interupt the flow of electricity many times a second. Dimmer switches for example, basically turns the ON & OFF button of your light bulb around 120 times a second. Although the naked eye cannot detect this constant flicker, the results make the light in the room dimmer. 

Anything “energy efficent” works in the same way. A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), for exmaple, saves energy by going ON & OFF at least 20,000 times per second. 

Although this may save electricty, it corrupts the usual 50-60Hz range, thus creating “Dirty Electrcity” a frequency that emits between the 300Hz to 10MHz range.  This can have serious health effects, especially those in the RF range (between 2kHz – 100kHz). 

Living Areas

These devices are found in most 21st century living areas and emit huge levels of EMR: 

  • Avoid LED and energy saving light bulbs.
  • Check for poor wiring and sources of “dirty electricity”.
  • Don’t use a microwave.
  • Consider ditching the foxtel. 
  • Hardwire your internet connection using an Ethernet cable. 

We heal and grow while we sleep, therefore it is important to ensure an EMF safe bedroom environment, especially for children.

  • Turn off ALL wireless devices at night, including your phone and Wi-Fi and remove from the bedroom.
  • Turn off circuit breakers for bedrooms at night to limit the electromagnetic field exposures from powerpoints.
  • Consider getting a spring-free mattress to reduce EMR conductivity.


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