EMF Safe Workplace

Employers have a duty of care to ensure their staff and customers are not exposed to hazards that could jeopardise their safety within the workplace. Creating an EMF safe workplace is an easy and simple solutions to maintain work, health and safety standards and protect the health of customers and staff.

EMF Occupational Health & Safety 

How To Create An EMF Safe Workplace


Familiarise Yourself With The Issue

Employers must educate themselves to ensure that work, health and safety standards are met. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) risk assessments and the implementation of wireless safety policies to protect customers and staff will help maintain a safe work environment.  If you are an employee you may wish to alert your employer of the risks to your health, SEEN can assist with this process.


Undertake A Risk Assessment

EMR is a health hazard and an environmental pollutant. Determine sources of EMR in your workplace. Sources may include Wi-Fi, wireless computer networks and devices, building infrastructure and/or nearby mobile telecommunications infrastructure. Injury or damage from EMR is uninsurable.


Consult With A Building Biologist

You may wish to engage the services of a Building Biologist to conduct an EMR assessment and receive a professional EMR report on mitigation strategies.Building Biologists are radiation experts who will measure and determine the environmental health  risks associated with exposure to EMR emissions in your workplace. Become a SEEN member and receive a professional EMR assessment discount.


Adopt EMF Safe Workplace Practices & Infrastructure

Hardwiring workplace technologies such as computer networks, internet connections, landlines and EFTPOST machines is the first step in creating an EMF safe workplace. Ensure all staff are aware of the risks and promote EMF safe practices within the workplace to limit over exposure of EMR.


Ensure The Safety of Customers & Staff

Employers have a duty of care to their customers and staff. This means it is an employers responsibility to maintain an EMF safe workplace, this includes reducing exposure to EMR. If your health and wellbeing is being affected by EMR at work, consult your health professional and seek a written medical opinion.If your employer does not facilitate your safety at work, consider serving them with a notice of liability letter or consider  finding another job altogether. Contact SEEN for assistance with this process


Provide A Safe Space For Electro-Sensitive Individuals

If you are café or restaurant owner consider promoting a WI-FI FREE ZONE to provide a friendly and safe place for customers that are electro sensitive.

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