Hardwiring your internet connection with an Ethernet cable is a smarter, safer and more secure way of connecting to the internet. Hardwiring is a very simple and cost effective solution, helping to: 

  • Reduce and mitigate the health risks associated with expsoure to RF radiation.
  • Ensure a stable and reliable connection to the Internet.
  • Get faster download speeds.

Becoming Hardwired

 Step By Step Instructions


Choose The Right Modem

Some modems are very basic and do not have wireless capabilities. Others require you to disable the Wi-Fi (which can be done via an On/Off button on the modem itself or in the modem settings).

Ethernet USB Adapter


Set Up Your Hardwired Connection

Insert one end of the cable into one of the ports on your router, your cable modem, NBN Box or DSL modem. Insert the opposite end of the cable into the Ethernet port on your computer. Note: If you computer does not have an Ethernet port or you want to hardwire your phone or tablet, use an adapter.



Disable Wi-Fi Functions on Your Devices

Ensure the Wi-Fi function on your modem is disabled (which can be done via an On/Off button on the modem itself or in the modem settings). Newer models may still emit radiation so you may also need to manually disable Wi-Fi in modem settings. Refer to the users manual or contact your provider.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your laptop, phone or tablet (turn on airplane mode for Macs and PCs). If applicable, disable Telstra Air Service.


Get Ethernet Cables & USB Adapters

Check your computer for an Ethernet port. Most computers and TV’s have Ethernet ports, however if you use Apple computers and tablets, you will need an Ethernet adapter. Adapters are available for all different types of USB ports. To determine what kind of USB port you need an adapter for refer to the chart below.


Configure Your Ethernet Adapter

Confirm the connection is working. If the computer is on, the connection will be automatically detected provided you have the right drivers installed. Most computers will automatically configure new connections. If you are having trouble, check the drivers for your Ethernet device, your router and finally your modem. Consult a professional if you cannot determine the source of the problem. 

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