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 1.     DEFINITIONS: In this Notice –

SAFE EMF EDUCATION NETWORK Association S.A. (“SEEN”) and the affiliate Speaker. Copyright (c) SEEN, and the Speaker (hereafter called “Content Creators”). Both Content Creators remain joint but several legal entities. The content or subject material of the video presentation shall be called “the Content”.

The term “Hosters” shall collectively include – but is not limited to – any major internet conglomerate, centralized or decentralized streaming content provider, information media broadcaster or outlet, social media platforms, cloud service publishers, advertising endorsement agents and promoters. Such Hosters include – as at April 2020 – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Mainstream News Media, Instagram, OR their subscribers.

Any person who watches and/or listens to this video presentation, digitally or electronically copies, saves, reproduces or backs up the content in whole or in any part or parts, is hereinafter called “the Consumer”.


All legal rights reserved without exception by the Content Creators hereof. The Issuer of this Notice may without limitation modify vary amend or add to this Notice at any time, and the effect of those amendments to the Notice shall operate retrospectively.

Any and all Consumers or Hosters who watch/view/ experience or otherwise use the Content, unequivocally DO NOT form a professional relationship, business relationship, implied or constructive trust, or implied duty of care with the Content Creators. The act of receiving or relying on this Content similarly does not in any way constitute receiving any form of professional advice from the Content Creators.

IN CONSIDERATION of viewing/listening/watching past this NOTICE :-


  • The Content Creators OFFER the Content herein for informational, educational, and entertainment use only.



  • The Consumer ACCEPTS that opinions expressed are only those of the Speaker. And rather than being definitive, such opinions are merely used to supplement or corroborate the Consumers’ own pre-existing knowledge.


  • AGREES that neither the Speaker, nor the publisher, nor the SAFE EMF EDUCATION NETWORK Association warrant the accuracy of the contents of this presentation, and that all subject matter herein is provided at the Viewer’s/Listener’s OWN RISK and at their own DISCRETION.


  • CONFIRMS that they do not rely on any conclusion or opinion herein except to enhance their own knowledge or understanding of the subject matter.


  • IS DEEMED to form their own conclusions opinions and decisions separate from all content provided by SEEN, its members, or by the Speaker separate from this video presentation.


  • ENDEAVOURS to do their own independent and diligent research materials, and that the Consumer shall exercise proper discretion and prudence before forming any final or definitive opinion, and especially before taking any legal, medical, or political action that may result in liability for loss or damages, or criminal prosecution.


  • CONFIRMS that neither SEEN nor the Speaker as Content Creators accept any legal liability for the actions of the Consumer.


  • AGREES that in this video presentation, no series, nor disjointed segments hereof, nor combination of expression in the Content, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned by the Content Creator, is permitted to be construed as intending defamation or harm. And ACCEPTS that no consequential loss or damages therefrom shall be recognized or accepted by SEEN or the affiliate Speaker.


  • AGREES that no offence is intended or meant. And irrespective of words, style or passion of expression, any perceived disparaging remark, profanity, assertion, comment or criticism express or implied by the Content Creators, against any Hosters, or any person or group, or any alleged authority, entity, association, corporation, government, non-governmental organisation, and/or their employees or representatives or agents, no loss harm or damage is deemed to be perceived by any Consumers or Hosters.


  • AGREES that any utterances in the Content of this video presentation are deemed to be construed ONLY as anecdotal, or (at their highest opposition) as mere constructive criticism. Any portion of the Content NOT so compliant, is deemed by all parties to be legally severed or severable, and able to be deprecated, so as to not denigrate the entirety of the Content.



Neither this video presentation, nor any part of the Content hereof, is to be reproduced, copied or re-published digitally electronically or otherwise without written permission from SAFE EMF EDUCATION NETWORK (which permission shall not be unreasonably withheld).

Should the Content of this video presentation, or any part thereof, become monetized by any means whatsoever, at any time whatsoever, either by the Content Creators, SEEN Association, its Members, the affiliate Speaker, or by dissemination through any effective or ineffective social media influencer, or by other media outlet, promoter or advertiser, then the Video/Audio of this Presentation OR any part thereof becomes the subject of a profit sharing arrangement between relevant parties.

The parties hereto who gain any profit from the Video Presentation are duty-bound by this copyright notice to communicate and disclose such fact to any other economically affected party.

And the parties hereto are deemed to ensure that any relevant or contributing Content Creator, provider, promoter, endorser, social media influencer, media outlet or internet media organisation or conglomerate SHALL – as soon as is reasonably practical – negotiate a mutually fair and reasonable beneficial arrangement for such profit sharing.



Should this video presentation be available on any public platform or forum where Consumers (or any commentator for that matter) may avail themselves of a method to freely comment on the Contents hereof.  The Content Creators shall have the right to arrange the deletion of adverse comments, troll accounts, malicious users, harmful insulting vindictive or irrelevant commentary that may interfere with the spirit of education, and enjoyment of this video presentation.


7.   FAIR USE:

Any Hosters that may advertently or inadvertently host this video presentation, or any part thereof, may do so, but only in compliance with the full terms and conditions of this Notice.

This Notice recognizes fair use policies of other Hosters. And of reciprocal fair use policies between competing hosters including the Content Creators.

This Notice recognizes the possibility of censorship, shadow banning for political or economic purposes, and expressly opposes any intrusion upon Free Speech by any governments, corporate media controllers, or politically motivated entities world-wide. SEEN and the affiliate Speaker expressly invoke the U.S. Constitutional First Amendment (Right to Free Speech), and the democratic ideals of citizens to freedom of artistic/stylistic expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom to protest reasonably where necessary.

© Con Giakamozis & SEEN – Apr 2020


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