A new paper, 9 June 2020 by Dr. Leendert Vriens
titled: Viral infections aggravated by electromagnetic fields.



“In viral infections, a well-functioning immune system and good blood flow and oxygen transport are of great importance and virus replication must be reduced.

Scientific publications have shown that low-frequency and radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (LF and RF EMF) of the electricity grid and of wireless communication:

• weaken our immune system, cause health problems and weaken our general condition,
• promote blood clotting via the Rouleau effect, which leads to reduced blood flow, reduced oxygen transport and increased risk of thrombosis,
• increase the intracellular Ca2+ (calcium ion) concentration and oxidative stress, thus promoting virus replication.

EMF will therefore have a negative impact on the course and severity of viral infections.

Quantitative research into the consequences of EMF load on viral infections is still lacking, however. It is therefore unknown to what extent the COVID-19 pandemic has been aggravated by the EMF that are already present everywhere. It is also impossible to predict to what extent the health problems will worsen due to the increase in the EMF load when 5G is rolled out and what the consequences will be for future viral infections. In a worst case scenario, viral infections, such as we experience every year, can turn into pandemics.”


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