What is EMF?

The first two letters, ‘EM’, stand for “Electro-Magnetic”. ‘F’, refers to either  “Frequency“, “Fields” or “Force” depending upon context. Since EMF is Radiated energy, it can also be called “Electro-Magnetic Radiation” (or EMR).

    Man-Made Electro-Magnetic Frequencies

    Man made EMF is a potentially harmful, (usually pulsed) energy transmitted as radiation from antennae, cell phones, radio towers, microwaves, wi-fi, bluetooth devices. And EMF can even leak from from power-cables, or poorly manufactured electrical equipment.

    Since there are many different forms of such energy, the overall effect on the human body (and environment) is poorly understood. So where it CAN be harmful or dangerous, (explained below), SEEN’s objective is to educate the Public, and demand regulation.

    SEEN is concerned with four main sources of EMFs all linked to adverse health effects:

    Radio Frequency (RF)

    Smart Phones
    Cell Phone Towers
    Smart Meters
    Microwave Oven
    5G Wireless

    Electrical Fields (EF)

    Houshold Wiring
    Power Strips
    Ungrounded Electronics
    Cords & Chargers
    Lamps & Lighting

    Magnetic Fields (MF)

    Electronic Chargers
    High Voltage Power Lines
    House With Faulty Wiring
    Electric Current on Water Pipe or Gas
    Electrical Panel

    Dirty Electricity (DE)

    CFL, LED or Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    Solar Panel Inverters
    Dimmer Switches
    Smart Televisions
    Chargers for Electronics

    Radio Frequency

    Radio Frequency (RF) operates from 2kHz to 300 GHz, and is normally used for data transfer through signaling codes


    Microwaves (MW) can be used to transfer data. Microwaves operate in the range 1 to 100 GHz (0.3 m to 3 mm)

    This means that many of the devices you use every day (like Smart Phones, Cordless Home Phones, Smart Meters & WIFI) use the exact same kind of frequency that your microwave oven uses to cook your food, but at lower power output levels.

    Electrical Fields (EF)

    An electric field occurs wherever a voltage is present. Electric fields are created around appliances and wires wherever a voltage exists. You can think of electric voltage as the pressure of water in a garden hose – the higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field strength. Electric field strength is measured in volts per meter (V/m). The strength of an electric field decreases rapidly as you move away from the source. Electric fields can also be shielded by many objects, such as trees or the walls of a building.

    Magnetic Fields (MF)

    Magnetic fields are created whenever there is a flow of electric current. This can also be thought of as the flow of water in a garden hose. As the amount of current flowing increases, the level of magnetic field increases. Magnetic fields are measured in milliGauss (mG).

    Dirty Electricity (DE)

    The electricity that runs through your the wires in your home is meant to oscillate at a frequency of 50Hz (in Australia, Europe, Africa & most of Asia) or 60Hz (in North America). 

    However, most modern electrical appliances have been desgined to continually interupt the flow of electricity many times a second. Dimmer switches for example, basically turns the ON & OFF button of your light bulb around 120 times a second. Although the naked eye cannot detect this constant flicker, the results make the light in the room dimmer. 

    Anything “energy efficent” works in the same way. A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), for exmaple, saves energy by going ON & OFF at least 20,000 times per second. 

    Although this may save electricty, it corrupts the usual 50-60Hz range, thus creating “Dirty Electrcity” a frequency that emits between the 300Hz to 10MHz range.  This can have serious health effects, especially those in the RF range (between 2kHz – 100kHz). 

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    How To Measure EMF

    There are various different Electromagnetic Field meters available to purchase. However not all meters will measure all the various different types of EMF we are being exposed to. For example, the TriField and the Cornet meters measure all three: electrical fields, magnetic fields and radio frequency fields. View some of the different types of EMF meters below. However, most of the meters on the market will not be capable of measuring the higher frequencies proposed for 5G.

    TR2 Trifield Meter

    The TriField EMF Meter is an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter, and radio power density meter in a single unit, that combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The weighted mode is specifically designed to measure EMF radiation in the human body.


    The Acoustimeter is one of the best Radio Frequency (RF) meters on the market. It is extremely accurate, simple to use, and preferred by professionals. However it does have its downsides, for example, it only reads RF radiation, and is not designed to read electric field or magnetic field radiation. 

    Cornet ED88T

    The Cornet ED88T measures all three types of EMF radiation, including radio frequency, magnetic field, an electric field. The Cornet is that it not only gives you a reading of the RF radiation in terms of signal strength, but will also show you the actual frequency that it is picking up in a range of 100 Mhz to 2.7 GHz. 

    Mertek Meter

    The Meterk meter is the best value for money. The Meterk, being a budget-friendly EMF meter, only reads magnetic and electric field radiation, not radio frequency radiation. This also means that the accuracy is likely to be less reliable than other higher quality meters.

    Exposure Safety Standards

    The government has established maximum exposure limits, which they say, must not be exceeded. These limits, however, are unrealistically high and, we suspect, sacrifice our safety in order to cater to corporate, industrial and political interests.


    Measured In: microwatts / cm² (uW/cm²)
    Safe Public Exposure Limit

    Government: 1000 uW/cm2
    Building Biologists (sleeping areas) :
    < 0.000,01 uW/cm²
    Bioinitiative Report: 0.1 uW/cm²
    Levels in Nature: <0,000001 

    Electrical Fields

    Measured In:  Volts (V)
    Safe Public Exposure Limit

    Government (ICNIRP): 5000 V/m
    Building Biologists: 1,5 V/m
    Levels in Nature: <0,0001

    Magnetic Fields

    Measured In:  MilliGauss (mG) or NanoTesla (nT).
    Safe Public Exposure Limit

    Government (ICNIRP): 1000 mG
    Building Biologists: 1 mG
    The Bioinitiative Report:  1-2 mG 
    Levels in Nature: <0,000002 mG

    Dirty Electricity

    Measured In:
    Safe Public Exposure Limit

    Government: N/A
    Building Biologists:

    The Physics of EMF 

    All EMF’s are made of photons.

    Unlike electrons, and atoms, Photons are pure energy. They’re not ‘material’, and are therefore said to be mass-less. In a vacuum, they travel at the speed of light in a wave-like manner.

    The energy waves of these photons is both electric and magnetic. Each of these two types of energy run parallel and perpendicular (at right angles) to each other. See Fig.1


    EMF’s all exist on a spectrum.  Visible Light colours, Infra-Red, Ultra-Violet, Microwaves, Radio, X-Rays, Gamma-Waves, and even Cosmic waves are all examples of different wavelength EMF’s.

    Each different-wavelength EM wave vibrates at a different ‘frequency’ (and energy level). Interestingly, the smaller the wavelength, the higher the frequency AND energy of the photon.

    See Fig. 2 which shows a small sample of the  range of the  EM Spectrum.

    Fields of Energy

    As energy passes through a point in time and space, different ‘Field’ strength & values are measured there. In a larger area, the radiating ‘field of energy’ can predictably decrease as you move away from the point source of EMF emissions.

    If the sources of EMF are moving around (like the mobile phone in your hand), the field energy at different points is always changing in complex ways.

    To understand SEEN’s concerns, let us mainly focus on all static sources of EMR, such as WIFI modems, cell towers, 5G fixed antennas, etc. This is important, because, for example, a sleeping person’s head is static.

    If you take a particular point in space and time – e.g the tip of your nose – and measure all the static electrical (E) or magnetic (M) energy passing through that 3D location, then, as you move a millimetre from that point in any direction, the EM force will generally show a different (but fixed) EM strength and configuration.

    What’s the ‘Matter’ with EMF?

    Since EMF’s have a force, but not a mass, it may be more correct to call a quantum (or single photon) a “corpuscle” rather than a “particle”. Ultimately, it seems, photons of EMF are better described as energy rather than matter.

    Incidentally, a very strange property of EMF, is that a photon seems to not actually occupy a particular space or time until that corpuscle ‘interacts’ with some other matter like human tissue, rocks, or mirrors.

    In many ways then, this means that EMF is energetic, but not ‘real’. It actually remains in a ‘ghost-like’ immaterial state until its interaction with matter (like biological tissue) in the ‘real world’.

    Depending upon its conductivity, EMF conveys its energy (by passing-through or by absorption-in) to objects in the material world.

    For today’s purposes, (being to stop harmful EMF transmissions) we needn’t discuss the ‘ghostly’ nature of energy. If you’re interested in going down the rabbit-hole of quantum theory,  click to learn more here.

    Ionizing (IR) and Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR)


    Ionizing Radiation is often perceived as ‘atomic decay’ of things like uranium (which looses ‘heavy particles’ like neutrons, electrons, and protons. These wreak havoc, tumours, and DNA damage immediately on biological tissue. Non-Ionizing Radiation can be thought of as “Everything else that’s too small to be a particle, (including EM Frequency) which doesn’t ionize (break off electrons, protons and such) from the matter is collides with. Thus, NIR is historically considered far less damaging, and essentially inconsequentially harmful.

    This perception is ignorant and obsolete ever since studies (over at least the last 4 decades) have showed evidence of EMF causing harm to biological tissue. 

    ARPANSA, ICNIRP, and other entities historically linked to the (AEC) Atomic Energy Commission after WWII, needed an arbitrary way to classify and regulate different types of radiation emissions. Modern EMF classifications are messed up because of this historical debacle.

    In industrial settings, (like nuclear power stations) Atomic Energy provider began using the contentious (some say ‘nonsense’) terminology of distinguishing between (a) Ionizing and (b) Non-Ionizing radiation.

    It was basically as if to say (a) was harmful, and (b) was not.  Or that (a) was ‘high energy’, and (b) was ‘low energy’.  But in the real world, things are not so cut and dried.

    (a) 'Ionizing Radiation' – ‘high level’ effects


    When massive corpuscles or sub-atomic particles bump into, or interfere with other atoms, its very clear to see physical changes and ionization take place. The atom or molecules entire composition and function can even be changed.

    E.g. If Oxygen loses two electrons (beta particle), it ionizes to become oxide (acid). If a molecule of Oxygen & Hydrogen loses one electron, it becomes hydroxide (alkaline). Both corrosive.

    E.g If Hydrogen gains an electron together with a proton (alpha particle), it turns into Helium; a new element!

    E.g Uranium-238, abundant in earth’s crust, regularly looses Ions that pop-off randomly, and their energy is registered as ”ticks” on a Geiger Counter.

    E.g If Plutonium-239 radiates or emits an alpha particle (proton or neutron), to become Uranium-238, that alpha particle can cause 10 to 1,000 times more chromosomal damage than beta (electrons), or gamma (EMF) rays.  This is what leads to clearly identifiable mutations and cancer in sensitive organic molecules like DNA. Ionizing radiation causes DNA to cease functioning normally, and can grow into tumours.

    This is identified (and rightly) as ‘dangerous’ by ARPANSA et al. For instance, in atomic fission, if you pump Isotope Uranium-235 with Neutrons (Proton+attached Electron), it will chain react to create more neutrons, hitting other U-235 which then decays into other elements in a fission explosion.


    (b) "Non-Ionizing Radiation" – so-called ‘low level’ effects

    As we said, EMF is only mass-less photons. It is pure energy. Not matter. And not a (sub-)atomic particle of any kind. (See Line Emission Spectroscopy).

    So, whilst EMF supposedly doesnt have enough energy to remove an electron from an atom and turn it into an ion, (i.e. is considered ‘non-ionizing’), that is only a half-truth. Gamma rays are also photons. But they can strip electrons ! It’s all a matter of frequency. And all EM frequencies are on a spectrum.

    Unfortunately, the arbitrary and confusing formal classification identifies any EMF whose frequency is at or higher than UV, as
    (suddenly) an “Ionizing” radiation.   Hmmm.

    It must be understood that higher EM frequencies, in fact have higher energies. And therefore greater penetrating power (deeper into biological tissue).

    For instance, the (sub-)millimetre wavelengths used by 5G actually have more energy/ penetrating power than the frequencies currently used for radio signals and microwaves. So even though the waves are ‘smaller’, the energy and penetration effects are potentially much more dangerous than 4G or 3G.

    But even in the range of NIR’s, not all are the same. More importantly, not all EMF in the NIR range is limited to only thermal effects. Here are some NIR examples —

    E.g. In Australia, we know full-well that UV (in the invisible light spectrum) causes photochemical reactions, skin cancers, and cataracts. Effects are cumulative over time.

    E.g. Infra-red visible EMR directly induces heat to cause corneal & retinal injury and sunburn. It just ‘feels’ warm (e.g. used in sun-lamps).

    E.g. Microwaves induce agitation and friction (thermal heat excitation) in water molecules.  This causes water to heat and change state from liquid to steam. ARPANSA openly recognizes this.  Note; both WIFI & Bluetooth are in the microwave band!

    E.g. Power lines can emit Radio Frequency of <100 kHz (3 km wavelength), yet can cause a cumulation of charge on a body’s surface, and disturbance of nerve & muscle responses.

    EMF Effects Due to Resonant Frequency

    Like the example of the opera singer shattering the wine glass. This effect is caused by matching energy with ‘resonant frequency’ of objects. It all depends on the frequency.

    It comes down to this:  If you emit a photon whose electro-magnetic frequency is exactly right, you can in fact knock electrons out of its orbital shell, and therefore ionize an atom.

    And if you match EMF with the corresponding frequency of objects of different size, shape and structure, they can capture and resonate the EMF energy along the length of the structure as with an antenna.

    Moreover, different EMF wavelengths can cause different resonant EM effects.  Pure molecular vibration (causing friction) produces heat. Electrical charges from one end of an object to another can induce a micro electric shocks. Magnetic energy affects ferrous matter (like the iron in your red blood cells causing them to clump, leading to blood clots/stroke).

    This means you dont need high EMF energy or to adversely affect or do harm. You only need the EMF to match a resonant frequency with different shapes and sizes in order to cause resonance (ie. cause matter to vibrate internally)

    As different frequencies of EMF are deployed via 5G, EMF can also affect biological structures of different size and shape. EMF waves the size of a bee can also affect the brains of birds. EMF of sub-millimetre size can equally damage soil microbes, good and bad bacteria, and even heat the moisture in the spiral skin pores of humans (potential crowd-control device?).

    Basically, then, whenever you add or subtract energy to matter at the sub-atomic level, over time, you are bound to have some environmental effect. Especially cumulatively if the EMF bombardment is 24/7.


    EMF Effects from Pulsed Resonance

    Pulsed EMF of different frequencies, which switches the EM signal on-and-off billions of times per second (“Ghz”), can cause an entirely different class of resonant effects. Here, the ‘wavelength’ of the EM radiation is not important. Instead, its about frequency (how often per second) the tiny electric shocks occur.

    At this level, pulsed resonant EMF waves interact with matter at the atomic and molecular scale. This can interfere with atomic and electron periodicity as discovered by physcist Louis DeBroglie. (You can  click to this article to learn more on De Broglie)

    Hammering objects the size of cells, or chromosomes, or atoms at the right frequency with combinations of vibration, electricity, or magnetism can literally shake them apart, or stop them from functioning normally.

    Like sound vibrations, if the frequency of EMF matches the the exact size or structure of matter (eg an antenna, or certain atomic particles) then EMF can – like in crystals or metals – vibrate or shake the bonds between atoms (e.g water), and break/interfere with complex molecules (eg. DNA).


    EMF Biological Effects

    Whilst it only takes a few ionizing alpha-particles to cause immediate cancer. Non-ionizing EM frequencies can also cause harm to the complex biologies of plants, animals, insects and higher multi-celled organisms.

    Scientists and doctors are well aware of the complex interaction between different biological sub-systems, as well as entire eco-systems. For example —

    E.g.  If you interfere with blood flow, you can affect oxygen or nutrient delivery to organs. This can cause anything from atrophy, to malabsorption, to poor mental focus.

    E.g. If you disrupt the endocrine system, you can change hormone levels, which can lead to sterility, or depression or mental illness.  At the next level, ndividual and group behavioural ill-effects can then interfere with societal order.

    E.g. If pollinators like bees actively avoid cell-phone radiation, or cannot reproduce, or cant navigate to and from pollen sources, this disrupts every other living creature up and down the food chain.

    The stress-points and failure-points of the unimaginably complex eco-systems on this planet cannot be planned for. And broader adverse effects or side-effects of introducing EMF indiscriminately into the environment should not be underestimated


    ICNIRP and ARPANSA Mis-labeling EMF is Unethical

    The whole subject of segregating EMF is far more complex than the above agencies are prepared to admit.

    Just using the obsolete post-war classification of “Ionizing vs. Non-Ionizing” radiation borders on nonsense. And – with big telecom industry influence on these quasi-governmental agencies – the decision to classify in this way must certainly not be accidental.

    Mainstream research, paid-for scientists, and non-contentious literature, including Wikipedia, irresponsibly permit ARPANSA and ICNIRP to use the term ‘Non-Ionizing Radiation’ classification to flatly suggest there is no evidence of measurable harm or adverse effect with EMF.

    Nevertheless, the agencies cannot hide that EMF “causes thermal heat excitation effects” from microwaves and from cell-phone radiation. They therefore feebly forced to admit that microwaves raise temperatures in tisse such as brain cells.

    But as we see, the agencies’ intentional dumbing-down of the science is NOT the same as saying there is ‘NO effect’. The harm is most certainly there. And limiting the range of acknowledged adverse harm to only thermal heat effects, whilst ignoring other EMF health dangers is both a civil and a criminal dereliction of duty.

    For this reason, many honest scientists, and SEEN supporters, contend that the classification of “Non-Ionizing Radiation” is a major source of confusion and ignorance. The active intentional disregard and failure to acknowledge the ample research pointing to many complex and various biological effects of NIR is tantamount to misrepresentation and deceptive conduct.

    Safe EMF Education Network

    Helping communities make informed decisions & access technology safely



    Adelaide, South Australia

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